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Sea Loofa Bath Soap 5oz


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Loofa Mint Bath Soap 5oz

Bath Foams, Bath Salts — What's the Difference?

There’s more than one way to have fun in the tub–and get clean, fragrant, and smooth as silk in the process. Here’s the difference between all those different bath products.

Bath Foams
Essentially, a fragrant bubble bath. Bubbles are not only fun, they get you clean (just ask Monsieur bubble!). They also keep your water warmer longer and can be used as liquid soaps in the shower.

Bath Salts
Pure fragrance and a mild therapeutic affect. No fuss.

Bath Oils
Developed purely for their aromatherapeutic effect, they also moisturize (but don’t bubble or clean).

Bath Gels
They bubble and clean like bath foams, but are thicker, which makes them easier to use in the shower.

Foaming Bath Oils
All of the above. They bubble, clean, moisturize, and have a mild aromatherapeutic effect.