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Sea Loofa Bath Soap 5oz


Provence Santé Vervain Liquid Soap 16.9oz


Loofa Mint Bath Soap 5oz

Big Bars

You think our Provence Santé Big Bars look big? You should see their parents! Why it takes four grown men (or women) to load one of them into the pick-up! Fortunately, we convinced our French friends to make them a more manageable (12 oz) size and now they are our most popular products.

How much time do these soaps save in the shower? We've determined that, using a big bar, a 5'9"/ 160 lb. guy (we couldn't get any girls to let us time them) can clean his entire body in 6.2 seconds compared to to 38.2 seconds using a regular bar. With this extra 32 seconds that very same guy could cash in some stock options and make $50,000. Now that's value! Of course, if you have more time than stock options, we also have these soaps in smaller sizes.